Facts, Answers, Questions.

How old is Nick?

He is 22 and his birthday is July 28th, 1988.

What’s Nick’s full name? 

Nicholas Blake Matthews!

Post pictures of Samantha/ His wife?

That’s a part of his personal life and I don’t feel comfortable doing so. There is a few leaked wedding pictures of theirs and I MIGHT post them.

Did Nicholas and Samantha break up/divorce?

Yes, they did. Now, lets leave it at that. Please, no more further questions about it. :)

Is Nick dating _________?

Nick was married to Lexus Amada. They are no longer together.

Where do you get all of your information?

We’ll never tell.

This blog sucks/Hate it/ Blahblahblah hate.

This is a blog for Nicholas, not hate and drama. Keep that shit OFF of here. If you want to tell ‘us’ how “badly” we run this blog, go to Lyndsay’s blog here

Follow me back? / Why can’t you follow back?

I can’t because this be considered a “second blog” on our real blogs. If that makes sense. So, we’re sorry. We can not.

Are you excepting Mod requests?

Currently, no.

Who runs this blog?