Anonymous: And now Nick dont have girlfriend or ? xD (btw sorry for my bad english)

He’s currently dating someone named Jessica Ess 

Get Scared Tease “Badly Broken” Music Video



Get Scared have released a teaser for their upcoming “Badly Broken” music video. Watch it below after the jump.

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Anonymous: how did jessica ess and nicholas meet?

Taking a wild guess that he must’ve seen her at a concert or heard her songs and got to know her that way

Anonymous: where did nick get his tattered striped hoodie that's in like half the pics!?

I am not sure, but I know he used to have links to shirts he made that looked similar to his on his eBay… 

mickiib2: hey random question, do you know how tall Nick is? Or any of the other members of Get Scared? I mean, I'm curious and it's been bugging me for quite a bit, but I can't find anything on the internet..

i’m not sure the exact height, but for your viewing pleasure here is a photo of me a year or two ago with Nick:


i stand 5”7’ (173.736 cm)

couple-so-punk: Hello, I was just wondering if you knew anywhere that sells the black and white striped shirt Nick wears in concerts and such. Thanks

Honestly, I’m not sure. I know Nick sold his and made other versions himself on his big cartel/ebay, but I believe those links are gone now. My apologies.

chaseyourcopaface: Just wanted to say I love this blog. It makes me smile no matter what. Thank you, stay lovely <3

Awh, well thank you for enjoying our blog <3

Anonymous: Do you know if Nick has ever said how many kids he wants? just wondering. Thanks c:

Hmm… no, I have not heard him talk much about what he wants, family wise, in interviews or anything. Sorry!
I could see him wanting kids, though! 


Get Scared (2013)
Brand new GET SCARED Interview

Anonymous: I'm new to Get Scared but I really love what I've heard so far. Especially their collab with Blacklisted Me. Some things about Nick Matthews confuse me though. Is he and Lexus still married if not then why not? Is he back in with Get Scared and Joel Faviere out? What was the deal with him and Ronnie Radke and the suicide scare? Thanks guys! xx Pixie

Nick and Lexus are not together anymore, not sure why. All I know is Nick is pretty unhappy with her. He has since moved on to someone named Jessica Ess.
And yeah, Nick is back in GS now, Joel is back doing his own solo thing (I think he might have his own band/project happening, but I’m not sure). The rest of the band said that things didn’t feel “right” with Joel and once Nick and Lexus didn’t work out, Nick was invited back in.
The suicide scare with Ronnie happened a year or so ago now, Nick had attempted suicide and Ronnie tweeted Lexus (they were just dating then) “get scared ;)” and a few other tweets regarding suicide. Craig Mabbitt ended up calling an ambulance for Nick that night. The whole thing was really childish, a lot of people are still mad at Ronnie for it, but Nick and Ronnie recently did a song together, so there is no bad blood between them c: 

Get Scared start recording new album



Get Scared have revealed they will be spending the next 6 weeks in the studio recording their upcoming new album. Check out an update from the band below by clicking “Read More”

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